1. How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We send out items we have in stock on the next working day. In rare cases it may happen that a certain product has sold out. In that case we’d contact you and let you know when it will be available again. The decision whether to split the order or send it all together when the product is available is entirely up to you.

2. I want to order some jars, but I’m worried they’ll arrive broken.

We pack our products and empty jars with the utmost care to prevent any damage during transport. If it does happen that a consignment arrives damaged, a claim may be filed with the carrier service. Detailed instructions can be found in the transport terms and conditions.

3. I have some empty jars from your products – what can I do with them?

We will buy clean jars from you at our premises or upon request at any of our partner outlets. The purchase price is 5 CZK per jar plus lid (no seal).

4. I have some empty jars from your products – can I use them for homemade preserves?

Yes, along with the jar you’ll need a rubber seal and 2 clips, which will hold the lid tight during the sterilisation process. Spare seals and clips are available from our e-shop.

5. How many clips do I need for the large-diameter jars?

Two clips are generally sufficient, although you can use up to 4 (no more, to ensure that the jar is adequately vented during the sterilisation process).

6. Can I use seals more than once for homemade preserves?

Yes, if the seal has not stretched too much and will grip the lid properly. Before reusing seals, we recommend boiling them in water for 3 minutes and then drying them in a clean cloth. For meat products, it is always worth investing in new seals.

7. I open WECK jars using a knife – is that right?

No, it is not the right way to do it. Open the jars by just lifting the seal while holding the lid (so it doesn’t drop and break). Lifting the seal lets air into the jar, loosening the lid. Here is an instructional video.

farmers markets

At this moment we are preparing the terms of other markets, we thank you for your understanding.

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