Recyclable packaging - We care about nature

  • FotoOur products come in stylish WECK jars, which have a patented lid.
  • If you also like preserving things, you can use them again for your own products. All you need are new seals and clips.
  • Thinking what to preserve? Have a look at our recipes for some inspiration.
  • The jars can also be used for serving meals. Find out all the things they’re good for here.
  • However, if you really don’t want them, you can bring or send them to us.

Purchase of jars

  • We purchase jars at our premises in Zábřeh and in partner outlets.
  • The purchase price is 10 CZK per jar with lid, no seal.

Choose for yourself what you do with our jars – you have plenty of options.

Our offer jars

Selected filter has not found any goods.

farmers markets

At this moment we are preparing the terms of other markets, we thank you for your understanding.

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