Most of our products are made using local ingredients

  • The composition of our products is very important to us.
  • Most of our ingredients come from the Czech Republic.
  • The main source of wild fruits is the Jeseníky region, which is famous for having the cleanest air in Central Europe.
  • Excellent blueberries and wild cranberries grow in the local woods.
  • We collect our rosehips, berries and cherry plums from pasture hedgerows.
  • Our game is Czech, some of which also comes from the Jeseníky forests.
  • We collect our trout from small trout farms around Zábřeh, while our carp come from famous pond farming areas in the Třeboň and Pálava regions.

See for yourself and enjoy the taste of the Jeseníky.


farmers markets

At this moment we are preparing the terms of other markets, we thank you for your understanding.

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