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Foto The Bezchleba family cannery is situated in Zábřeh. It is a small factory, employing 10 people. It was founded by Olin Bezchleba in 2011 after 18 years spent working in catering and the food industry.

He was inspired to found the Via Delicia brand by the French local markets he saw when working in France, and particularly an old book on preserves he found, dating back to 1925. Its owner, evidently a farm housekeeper, had carefully written down all her notes and recipes in it.

The richness of fresh produce from late spring to autumn, as well as the limited means of preserving the food, led her to use what at that time was a modern way of preserving things, by sterilising them in jars. Supplies then lasted all winter through to spring. Everything from the garden, courtyard, pond and forest was processed and stored.

We have left some of the recipes in their original form, while we’ve slightly altered a few, and are still working on others to get them perfect.

Most of our products are made by hand, but it really is some time since we’ve used a meat grinder with a handle or manual vegetable grater.

Our aim is to go on making high-quality delicacies which come from bona fide ingredients. We care deeply about what goes into our products. You won’t find any preservatives in them. You might say that if it used to be done without them, why can’t it be done today? Our jams contain only natural citrus pectin.

To ensure that our products are as authentic as possible, we have decided to use traditional patent Weck jars. Some of the shapes in this brand really were used at the end of the 19th century.

Interested in seeing what our factory is like? Check out a video from our premises.

Try our products, made with love.

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